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Basics of the Witcher lore

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Basics of the Witcher lore Empty Basics of the Witcher lore

Post  Elaini Fri 8 Oct - 20:18

Here is some basic information and study sites about the Witcher lore. If you know any more of the reliable ones, please tell them in the replies and I may update the original post.

Parts 2, 3 and 4.

In the unnamed planet of The Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski the Elves of Aen Seidhe (Hill Folk) are trying to adapt into a society that is becoming increasingly suspicious or even hostile towards the nonhumans. Those that refuse to do so prefer to fight as the guerrillas of Scoia'tael (Squirrels).

However, that is not how the story started. The Elves were one race at first, called the Aen Undod. They split in two parts and the Aen Seidhe became one of the Elder Races of the Continent, preceding the humans. Yet they didn't come from the Continent unlike the other Elder Races but arrived there on their white ships. Their kingdom was Dol Blathanna until it was lost to humans. They speak the language of Elder Speech (Hen Llinge).

The other part called the Aen Elle (Alder Folk) chose to move into another world entirely, forming a different culture from the Aen Seidhe. They also share the world with the unicorns which are sentient creatures, although they tried to attack and subject them, greatly desiring their ability to travel from one world to another. The capital of Aen Elle is called Tir nĂ¡ Lia and their language is called Ellylon.

They also haven't had a generally friendly relationship with humans although some individuals have been more receptive to them, making it a bit more complex.

The Elves in Witcher world are mortal but able to live around 300-400 years or even over 600. The videos above dive a bit deeper into their lore.

Popular lore sites:

World maps:


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